Greetings from the North!

10/31/2020 LMT trail report

We have been brushing the trails during the week because of all the hunting activity on weekends. At this posting we have a little snow on the ground, but temperatures are supposed to warm up this week. The video here is showing Dave Velie on the Wolf River Trail north of Hemlock Road using our 7040 New Holland tractor with a brushing attachment that can reach 12 feet. That saves us time and back aches. 

As of right now the club is going to hold off on a brushing day due to Covid-19. The numbers are still on the rise here in Forest County.

If we get a heavy wet snowfall or really high winds and the trails need maintenance. I’ll send out another post looking for volunteers.

We are currently working on a reroute on LMT 6 just north of Highway Q and west of Highway W to get around a marsh that is full of water. If the reroute is approved by Meteor Timber LLC I’ll keep everyone posted and then we’ll need help brushing for sure. 

On LMT 4 that reroute is still pending with the US Forest service near Range Line Road. If that gets approved, we’ll need a good size crew for that brushing. We are hoping all these will be approved by the middle of November. Thank you this week goes out to Bob VanGrunsven, Mike Hitchcock, Rick Hermus, Pat VanKauwenberg, Bob Carney, Mark Smits, Mike Gonzo Link and Mark Truyman for being able to brush this week. Stay healthy and think snow! 

Trail Boss Steve