Greetings from the North!

10/31/2020 LMT trail report

We have been brushing the trails during the week because of all the hunting activity on weekends. At this posting we have a little snow on the ground, but temperatures are supposed to warm up this week. The video here is showing Dave Velie on the Wolf River Trail north of Hemlock Road using our 7040 New Holland tractor with a brushing attachment that can reach 12 feet. That saves us time and back aches. 

As of right now the club is going to hold off on a brushing day due to Covid-19. The numbers are still on the rise here in Forest County.

If we get a heavy wet snowfall or really high winds and the trails need maintenance. I’ll send out another post looking for volunteers.

We are currently working on a reroute on LMT 6 just north of Highway Q and west of Highway W to get around a marsh that is full of water. If the reroute is approved by Meteor Timber LLC I’ll keep everyone posted and then we’ll need help brushing for sure. 

On LMT 4 that reroute is still pending with the US Forest service near Range Line Road. If that gets approved, we’ll need a good size crew for that brushing. We are hoping all these will be approved by the middle of November. Thank you this week goes out to Bob VanGrunsven, Mike Hitchcock, Rick Hermus, Pat VanKauwenberg, Bob Carney, Mark Smits, Mike Gonzo Link and Mark Truyman for being able to brush this week. Stay healthy and think snow! 

Trail Boss Steve

Booyah Bash update

To All LMT Members:

The Booyah Bash committee met Thursday September 17th to discuss our annual Booyah Bash fundraiser. Each member of the committee had an opportunity to express their feelings on whether or not to hold this event during these unprecedented times we are facing. After much discussion on this topic, it was voted to suspend this event for January 2021 in the best interest of our many volunteers needed to put on this event, our community, and those who come to support this event.

The Booyah Bash is our club’s main fundraiser, with the proceeds being used towards our equipment maintenance and fuel costs. We thank each and every one of you who have supported the LMT in the past and ask if you are able, to please consider making an additional donation to the club to make up for our lost fundraising revenue due to the difficult decision to cancel our Booyah Bash.

Some of you have already made donations to the LMT when you paid your dues. We are grateful for this and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you would like to donate, you can make a check out to the LMT at P.O. Box 7, Wabeno, WI  54566. We look forward to planning our next Booyah Bash and all of the fun and good times that go along with this wonderful social get-together.

Just a reminder from your membership secretary…renew your dues if you have not already done so. The snow will be here before you know it. Also, if you have any friends or fellow snowmobilers that are looking to join our club, they can go to and download a membership form. It is a strong membership that makes the LMT the successful organization that it is. 

We will continue to do our best to provide you with the best trails in Forest County! Our dedicated members have been out preparing the trails for a great upcoming snowmobile season. Think snow!


Lumberjack Memorial Trails Booyah Bash Committee

August 2020 Meeting Announcement

LMT membership meeting will be held on 8-13-2020 at 5:30 pm…

LMT membership meeting will be held on 8-13-2020 at 5:30 pm at the LMT shop located in Wabeno,Wi. (behind the Krist oil gas station on Branch street).

The purpose of the meeting is for the election of board positions for the LMT. The meeting will be brief and masks will be provided. Also, social distancing and other practices to protect those attending from the Covid-19 Virus will be practiced. 

If you plan on attending please arrive at least 15 minutes early to pay your club dues of $35.00 if you have not already done so.

All membership dues expired on 6/30/2020. You need to be a member in good standing with your dues paid in order to vote!

Raffle winners announced

The drawings for our cash and jacket raffle fund raisers were held on March 7th at Jars in Laona at 3:30 p.m. The following is a list of winners;

Jacket Raffle
1st prize (Jacket) won by Jack Kloss
2nd prize ($100) won by Zachary Paul
3rd prize ($50) won by Kurt Sommers

Cash Raffle
1st prize ($600) won by Jeff Leider
2nd prize ($400) won by Tony Zakrzewski
3rd prize ($200) won by Lynn Schoendorf
4th prize ($100) won by Mike Hitchcock
5th prize ($75) won by Leah Werner
6th prize ($25) won by Nick Velie
7th prize ($25) won by Jesse Lemke
8th prize ($25) won by John Vlodik
9th prize ($25) won by Victoria Eighmy
10th prize ($25) won by Oscar Rodriguez

Want to stop getting duplicate copies of the AWSC magazine? Please send an email to or call 608-846-5530.

LMT Trail Report

Greetings sledders!

We had today 3” of heavy wet snow, temperature at the time of this post is 35 degrees. The Forest County trails will be closing Monday March 16, 2020 at 8 am. As of today our grooming operations have ended for the season. The trails held up the last few days even with the warm temperatures so if you can ride before the warmer temperatures arrive this weekend do it! This has been a great snowmobiling season.  I appreciate all the support from the groomer operators, the Pit Stops along our trails, also from you the people that rode the LMT system.

This Saturday March 7, The LMT will be having the cash drawing at JARS Bar and Grill in Laona. Stop out and support the LMT!

See you next year!
Trail Boss Steve

LMT Monthly Meeting
Charlie’s Lake Metonga
March 12, 2020
5:00 pm

Midweek Trail Report

Greetings sledders!

This past week we received around 4” of new snow helping out with trail conditions with another inch forecasted for tonight. Temperatures the next couple nights will hover below zero making the groomed trails set up great making for a good ride. All LMT trails including the Wolf River State Trail and Nicolet State Trail are rated in very good condition making the midweek ride wonderful. The grooming machines are expected to be out daily including nights so be on the look out for them.   Have a safe ride and keep right!

Trail Boss, Steve

Local Events:

The Red Arrow Snowmobile Club in Townsend just south of us off the Nicolet State Trail is having their annual Fisheree Fund Raiser, Saturday 2/15/2020 so please stop by and support them.

The Carnage Cruise Races this year will be held on Saturday 2/15/2020 out on Lake Metonga right in front of Charlie’s Lake Metonga Resort check out the action!

LMT February Membership Meeting
February 13
Hotel Crandon

Midweek Trail report

With this past week’s warm temperatures the trails have become slippery on hills and curves.

I was out on LMT 2 Carter to intersection 4 today and was very icy on hills and curves.

LMT 3 from the Wolf River State Trail (intersection 9) to WindFall (intersection 10) has icy spots.

LMT 4 Wabeno was groomed Sunday night and will be done Wednesday night with icy conditions.

LMT 6 was groomed today and in good condition.

LMT 7 was groomed Monday night and the driver reported icy spots.

LMT 8 was groomed Monday night and the driver reported icy spots.

Nicolet State Trail will be groomed Tuesday night. I will have another report coming out as we get closer to the weekend. We could use another 6” of snow to make for ideal conditions. Please stay on the marked trails and slow down for the groomer drivers! Thank you for riding the LMT system.

Don’t forget the February Membership Meeting at the Hotel Crandon 5:00 Feb. 13

Trail Boss Steve

Midweek Trail Report

Updates from our veteran groomer drivers:

Mike B. LMT 2/4 Carter – Wabeno good to very good

Tom B. LMT 3/Wolf River State Trail south of Jungle Lake Rd. Good condition

Jack K. LMT 6/ Wolf River State Trail to Crandon good to Very good.

Dave H. LMT 7/8 , Nicolet State Trail Laona to Wabeno good to very good.

Thanks guys for reporting! The conditions of the trails change rapidly with these above normal temperatures and the amount of sled usage so be very cautious on hills curves and low areas. So have a great midweek ride and remember to ride Right and be Safe!

Trail Boss, Steve

Midweek Trail Report

The groomers have been out the last couple of days cleaning up the trails from the past weekend. Monday night the temperatures were hovering around zero making the trails we groomed set up great!
Be safe, ride right and enjoy the LMT trail system.
Trail Boss, Steve

Midweek Trail Report

From Trail Boss Steve:
Pat was out last night on LMT 2 (Carter)& 4 (Wabeno) and groomed to the icy area at ( Intersection 4) he reported that both trails are in very good condition til the (Intersection 4) so be very cautious with some slushy and ice chunk areas. There is caution tape up. Rick was out in the Windfall area and reported some soft spots near old county E but other than that LMT 3 is in Very good condition. Todd took care of LMT 7 last night and reported the trail as being in Very good condition. All other trails are rated very good to excellent in the LMT trail system. A big thanks go out to our drivers! Be safe, be cautious, be courteous and ride right!
Thanks, Steve