LMT Trail report

Greetings all from the LMT club!

We are looking at a great weekend for riding. With temperatures hitting in the 20s. Trails will take a hit with those warmer conditions, so be cautious!

The groomer operaters have been out on all trails this week touching them up as the best they can. The trail base in our area varies from 1-4” making it hard to get the moguls (bumps) out making it a smooth trail. The Nicolet and Wolf River State Trail systems are in good condition, but be careful for gravel and icy conditions near bridges.

We are asking snowmobilers that crash there sleds to clean up there parts. On LMT 8 this week parts were left scattered on or near the trail making for dangerous conditions. The groomer operators and landowners should not have to clean up after you. Conditions like this can close trails.

This weekend the LMT club is having their fund raiser ticket raffle at Charlie’s Lake Metonga Resort. The drawing will be at 3 pm Saturday February 20th. There is a limited amount of tickets sold. The proceeds go to trail and equipment maintenance.

I want to welcome Keith Keller as a new groomer operator out from the Wabeno shop. So if you see Keith in the Tucker on Saturdays give him the thumbs up!

The Carnage Cruise will be coming to Lake Metonga this weekend out in front of Charlie’s, should be a fun time for all.

Please support our sponsors and fine pit stops!

Have a fun weekend, keep the trails safe and ride right!

TB Steve

LMT trail report

Greetings all!

At the time of this writing the temperature is -21 making it brutally cold! If you venture out on a ride make sure you have a warm up plan.

The trails in the LMT system are rated at fair to good with some areas showing rocks and dirt. LMT 8 is showing the most wear between intersection 29B to intersection 30. We did put up caution signs in this area. LMT 7, 6,4 3 are in good shape.

Between intersections 6A and 21 on LMT 6 there is logging going so use caution in this area.

LMT 2 is in fair condition west of Carter needing more snow to fill in the washouts.

The Wolf River State Trail and the Nicolet State Trail are both starting to show some gravel coming up in areas, but is rated in good condition.

Have a great weekend!
TB Steve